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I often find myself working in the studio late into the night creating works of art that are enriched with emotion, a sense of space and movement.  My ideas are to present more than just rich and vibrant colours.  I extend my creative thoughts to construct works that are timeless and beyond the irreverent attitude for "African American or Black Art".  My embrace to the world of art is to remain progressive in thought yet constant in my ability to build and construct fine works of art that present the following descriptions as an overall theme:  evocative, contemporary and abstract in form and identity.


​By incorporating the many techniques and skills acquired through my previous studies in art, I am able to fuse together multiple ideas, rich colours and vibrant hues in layers aged by design and practice in order to provide a sense of history, structure and content to the formulation of each work of art.  Through the use of these applied methods, I am able to create works of art that are abstract and contemporary in theory.  My process of selecting these rich colours can often take days and sometimes weeks of studying how they can be transferred to the canvas or somehow incorporated into my work.  I try to take in a great deal of the world around me for inspiration - visiting different places and people - mostly observing their presence, language and chakras in order to begin each work.  I enjoy relaying the idea that old things can become new again and try to approach each work as if they've existed before in some place or time yet they can work or relate to any space or person; further making them timeless works of art. 


Having created over 200 works of art for more than a decade has proven to be one of the most challenging yet most rewarding aspects of residing as an artist who chooses to live in the South.  It is my goal that the work I continue to create can provoke a sudden emotion, feeling or natural attraction to more than the facade of the work but ever-present illusion of space and thoughts of your inner most sanctum.

Chad Kristian

La Seine

Paris, France, Spring 2010

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