Fall 2022 Commissions are OPEN!  Looking to add to your current residential space or business?  Increase your current collection of art?  Searching for the right gift?


Louisiana-based artist, Chad Kristian, has opened up his studio for future commissions closing out 2022 and they're almost gone!  Invest in a great work of art for the perfect spot with an original Chad Kristian.  Schedule an appointment today for a free consultation.  


At this time, there are only 3 spots left for an original Chad Kristian but only available to Dillard University and HBCU Alumni.  DEADLINE: OCT. 1



Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are the last 3 only available to DU, HBCU Alumni?


Chad Kristian is a proud alumnus of Dillard University.

I attended DU or an HBCU but.....

This is your SEASON!  Join the club and schedule your appointment TODAY! 

What about me?  (non-DU, HBCU Alumni)

2023 is your year!  Check back in February.

What type of art am I purchasing?

Chad Kristian's work can be defined as contemporary, abstract art.    


What sizes are available?


- 24x48 (canvas)

- 36x48 (canvas) 

- 48x60 (canvas)

****framing not included***

How long will it take?  What's the process?

2-5 months.  After your initial consultation, if interested, you will receive a contract agreement.  Once signed and you've paid your deposit, work will begin.  Two (2) artist reviews are included before your second payment is due.  Final payment is due before any work is received.  

Are there any returns or exchanges?


Unfortunately, we do not offer any exchanges or returns.


How much does it cost?

$,$$$+   Commissions can range in price based on size and scale of work.    

Is there a deposit or a "kill fee" (cancellation fee)?

Yes.  The deposit is your first payment.  The cancellation fee* is included in your initial payment.  For more information regarding pricing, please schedule an appointment for consultation.